Queen George – coffeegraph® – Elemental Energy

Queen George – coffeegraph® – Elemental Energy

Coffeegraph®, an abstract art form is a child of another creation; it is in a constant process of self-discovery and awareness, juggled through me and made into a new order.

For the opportunity to freely and creatively express myself, and for that expression to have birthed meaningful emotions in the lives of so many, I am deeply grateful. For me, this is a precious gift and wishes granted.

I think what happens at a certain point after the initial inception of a coffeegraph®, is that the image takes over, and I yield to it. I trust the implication of what’s being created, even though I’m not absolutely sure yet what it is or what I’m expressing or representing.


Because I’m willing to let it be, knowing I’m simply unveiling something that was turning into is. And because I am absolutely sure I never intend the artwork to be anything in particular. It’s that “beyondness,” that depth that I reach in coffeegraph® that keeps me returning to it. And I always wonder about how that simple earth-tone stain at the beginning did end up becoming what it is now?

I like to be mystified, and I love the evolution of this creative journey.

It is in this unreachable and mysterious stage at which the art finally becomes ours, the possession of the viewer. In the act of deciphering it, inquiring for meaning beyond the ephemeral look, the viewer is absorbing the art, even if he/she finds a void in the artwork. This is what I refer to as the artistic ménage à trois – a state at which we all become part of the same – the artist his art and the viewer.

For that reason, it becomes essential that the artwork contain something beyond our understanding, or beyond our experience, or something that doesn’t harmonize or reconcile with our experience. And that something becomes more and more ours. We come into possession of a mystery, which is something that we don’t allow ourselves with most things in our lives.

Avi Roth
Pasadena, 1.23.15

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