For centuries, the most intimate kind of conversations has taken place over a cup of coffee. In many urban centers around the world, from the coffee houses of London and the terraces of Rome to the bohemian haunt of the Latin Quarter in Paris, intellectuals, lovers and dreamers came to share their feelings and secrets. We will never know their discourse, but the spirit of reticence lingers deep in the coffee cups that brought them together. When those precious moments were over, the spell was broken and memories were wandering in the obscure and distant valleys.

Through an encounter of events with the passion, creativity and aesthetic sense, Avi Roth has connected with those wandering memories and created with them his own dimension of personal space and creative expression. It has become his canvas. A canvas of tales conveyed by forces of nature.

The swirls and patterns of coffee reveal secrets veiled by time through a silent, language of their own. It took the creative genius of Avi Roth to discern these hidden messages and become the pioneering liaison of a new universal vocabulary. Roth, a graduate of the London Film School and an international photographer of unique and extravagant objects, was drawn to these quaint formations, and after years of rumination he began to understand how to channel them into a space of light and shadow. Hence, preserved is the language of Coffeegraph®.

Each work of art represents memories and messages.  By definition, each creation is complete in itself. It makes seeing the world more direct, more profound, perhaps expressing the artist’s inner world.

When viewing a Coffeegraph®, the observer gains access to elements that challenge, mystify and entertain via a mindscape that permits the viewer to journey through unique memories and decipher the essence, meaning and purpose of personal experiences. These messages are in a language of exotic origin that speak mostly in monochromatic shapes and textures, creating tension between joy, delight, inner turmoil and darkly twisted anxiety. They invoke a degree of awe and personal triumph when magically one discovers recognizable figures and objects. Coffeegraphs are storytellers, communicating images of imagination that engender contemplation between the seen and unseen, between thought and feeling. Be at awe.